We Have Bled takes us into the depths of emotional battlegrounds: three people, caught in the turbulence of relationships experience moments of delicate intimacy and impulsive ferocity.

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We Have Bled: an emotionally naked gesture in the face of urban isolation.

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“A compassionate look at the turmoil in our relationships. When we exhaust ourselves and can turn to a place of surrender and acceptance. We cannot be anything else but human, it’s an inevitability of life. To acknowledge we will hurt a little along the way.”

Marcus Waterloo

Cast & Crew

Director: Marcus Waterloo
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Dancers: Kirill Burlov, Rosa Antuña, Fernanda Lippi
Camera & Edit: Marcus Waterloo
Producer: Andre Semenza
Music: Kai Engel

14 mins / UK / © Maverick Motion Ltd 2016

About Zikzira

Zikzira creates performances and films from an instinctive core, embracing the visual and visceral in a synthesis of art forms. Through risk, desire and organization of chance, the company devises immersive work with layers of meaning. Somatic impulses gives rise to movement; soundscapes, dance and imagery conspiring to form a whole. Through a multi-disciplinary and site-specific approach, the company devises work with poetic resonance unconfined by genre.

“The art of theatre is specifically the art of dreams”
Jean-Louis Barrault

“My body is the intention, my body is the event, my body is the result.
Art is hope, prayer, and the possession of the individual”
Günter Brus

Contact Zikzira

Tel: +44 (0) 795017 4896

Rua Laplace, 18A - Santa Lúcia
CEP: 30.360-390 - Belo Horizonte - MG
Tel: +55 31 3047 6330