Waste, perishable matter
'Urbe' explores the transitory nature of the human body and it’s cycle of degradation and embodiment. Perishable matter breaks down, decomposes and transforms on a molecular level. Objectified bodies, in the face of urban abstraction and compartmentalization move with involuntary pulses, laying bare something shapeless, senseless, beyond form, yet existentially present.

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"The performance transmits, in a visceral synergy with the audience, a perturbing, stupefying euphoria"


"An urban installation, despairingly human, a gateway to existence' darkest aspects"

O Globo on-line

"Urbe's symbolism takes us to a semiotically complex universe working within and around everyone present, impregnating us with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere"

Dance International

Urbe, an installation occupying an entire street - a sickly-sweet landscape of food waste and two performers - was produced in the decaying centre of Rio de Janeiro in 2001.

The ritualistic piece is a reflection on a city’s still-edible waste (collected from a food wastage disposal facility), as well as humans as perishable waste, and Brazil’s lack of cultural memory.

Cast & Crew

Performers: Tuca Pinheiro, Consuelo Rosa
Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Installation: Lígia Lippi, Luciana Gontijo, Eduardo Andrade
Director: Andre Semenza
PR: Marcia Reikdal

About Zikzira

Zikzira creates performances and films from an instinctive core, embracing the visual and visceral in a synthesis of art forms. Through risk, desire and organization of chance, the company devises immersive work with layers of meaning. Somatic impulses gives rise to movement; soundscapes, dance and imagery conspiring to form a whole. Through a multi-disciplinary and site-specific approach, the company devises work with poetic resonance unconfined by genre.

“The art of theatre is specifically the art of dreams”
Jean-Louis Barrault

“My body is the intention, my body is the event, my body is the result.
Art is hope, prayer, and the possession of the individual”
Günter Brus

Contact Zikzira

Tel: +44 (0) 795017 4896

Rua Laplace, 18A - Santa Lúcia
CEP: 30.360-390 - Belo Horizonte - MG
Tel: +55 31 3047 6330