Fragmentation is the first step in a depotentialization of space

‘A última palavra é a penúltima’ (The last word is the penultimate), a site-specific urban intervention project staged in a once glamorous underpass connecting the Municipal theatre and the opera, closed and inaccessible to the public for decades in the centre of Sao Paulo, a landscape of decay.

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The decomposition of the "I”

In a reversal of the spectator-performer relationship, the audience is seated inside narrow shop windows lined with reflective film, exposing them in an apparatus of voyeurism. In ‘A última palavra é a penúltima’ performers and passerby’s (street children, homeless drunks, business men, Franciscan monks, a stray dog) weave flows of intricate, repeated yet unpredictable movement patterns. Confined to their space, the audience is on edge.

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The energy - mad, captive, and ready to explode - ensures that the images never last, they merge with the detonation, the combustion, the dissipation of their condensed energy.

Nine hundred and ninety-eight times in a thousand you fail and nothing appears.

Based on Gilles Deleuze's visionary text L'épuisé, ‘A última palavra é a penúltima’, looks at what transcends when all options have been examined, every path explored, every combination tried.

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Only the exhausted can exhaust the possible, because he has renounced all need, preference, goal or signification.

When the possible has been drowned out with words, atoms are divided and split into pieces, and as the very words are depleted, the stream is stopped.

Lying down is never the end, the last word; it's the penultimate.

The image is a pant, a breath, but expelled on the way to extinction. The image is what dies away, wastes away, a fall. It is a pure intensity, which defines itself as such through its height-its level above zero, which is only described in falling.

A state so drained of solutions it paradoxically gives rise to something new, unidentifiable, uncharted.

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"The end will have happened long before we are able to understand it has happened: everything will continue automatically, until the order arrives to stop everything What will be the last word, and how might it be recognized?"

Gilles Deleuze - L'Épuisé

Cast & Crew

A project by Teatro da Vertigem (São Paulo/Brazil) Zikzira (Brazil/UK) and LOT (Lima/ Peru)
Directed by André Semenza & Fernanda Lippi (Zikzira) Carlos Cueva (LOT) Eliana Monterio (Teatro da Vertigem)

Lot: Erica Aguilar, Lucía De Maria, Rafael Mendieta
Teatro da Vertigem: Flávia Maria (cantora), Luciana Schwinden, Marília de Santis, Miriam Rinaldi, Pardal, Roberto Audio, Sergio Siviero
Zikzira: Macarena Campbell, Fernanda Lippi (Virada Cultural - São Paulo's 24 hour culture event), Marçal Costa

Lighting Designer: Guilherme Bonfanti Art Director: Marcos Pedroso
Sound engineer: Kako Guirado Costume Design: Marcos Nasci
Soundtrack: The Hafler Trio Mix: Evaldo Luna/ Estúdio Três Orelhas
Philosophical guidance: Peter Pál Pelbart Artistic Consultant: Antônio Araújo
Photos: Nelson Kao Press person: Márcia Marques (Canal Aberto)
Director of Production: Henrique Mariano (H2E Produções) and Teatro da Vertigem

About Zikzira

Zikzira creates performances and films from an instinctive core, embracing the visual and visceral in a synthesis of art forms. Through risk, desire and organization of chance, the company devises immersive work with layers of meaning. Somatic impulses gives rise to movement; soundscapes, dance and imagery conspiring to form a whole. Through a multi-disciplinary and site-specific approach, the company devises work with poetic resonance unconfined by genre.

“The art of theatre is specifically the art of dreams”
Jean-Louis Barrault

“My body is the intention, my body is the event, my body is the result.
Art is hope, prayer, and the possession of the individual”
Günter Brus

Contact Zikzira

Tel: +44 (0) 795017 4896

Rua Laplace, 18A - Santa Lúcia
CEP: 30.360-390 - Belo Horizonte - MG
Tel: +55 31 3047 6330