Artist in Residence 2009

Zikzira Action Space receives Paula Lay (BA University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts, Faculty of Dance) for an extended period of Zikzira's "Artist in Residence" programme. This programme, inspired by the 1960's residencies which gave the artist ample opportunity for immersion and creation as opposed to short-term encounters with narrow guidelines, is in its first year at Zikzira, and Paula Lay, selected from a number of international and national (Brazilian) applicants, its first beneficiary. Ms Lay was selected on the strength of her audiovisual work. Her residency will produce a new work, a short film entitled "The big frost", directed by Fernanda Lippi and Andre Semenza, featuring Paula Lay and Zikzira's cast member, classical singer Rodrigo Firpi. The film, set in Belo Horizonte, is in production.